Leadership Development Programme – Emerging Leaders


All sessions take place: 2.00pm to 5.00pm  in Room SA210 (St Andrew’s House, Norwich)

Is this programme for me?

This programme is aimed at teachers who are looking to move  into school  leadership and management for the first time. It aims to encourage them  to reflect on what it takes to be an effective leader and  the type of leader they can become.

What will I gain from the programme?

By the end of this programme delegates will have understood the different qualities that make an effective school leader. They will have a clear appreciation of the expectations that will be laid on them when they are appointed to a leadership post and how they will approach this role.

Programme outline

Session 1: What makes a good leader? - Tuesday 8th November 2016

  • The knowledge, skills and  attitudes a leader needs  to be effective
  • Understanding the difference between leadership and  management
  • The importance of identifying and  developing leadership styles
  • Identifying your leadership style

Session 2: Thinking like a leader - Tuesday 31st January 2017

  • The central importance of having vision, goals and  objectives
  • Understanding a strategic approach
  • Developing strategic thinking: quality, quantity, direction
  • From thinking strategically to action planning

Session 3: Talking like a leader - Tuesday 16th May 2017

  • Connecting leadership and communication skills
  • Understanding the role of assertiveness
  • Motivating yourself and  other
  • Choosing a communication style

Session 4: Taking action as a leader - Tuesday 4th July 2017

  • Establishing  expectations and standards of performance and  delivery
  • Monitoring the work of others
  • Challenging performance and restoration
  • Delivering  solutions  for our students