Leadership Development Programme – Developing Leaders


All sessions: 2.00pm to 5.00pm  in Room SA210 (St Andrew’s House, Norwich)

Programme Objective: This programme is aimed at teachers who are existing middle leaders  who want  to move beyond the establishment of their role and team. It aims to allow these leaders  to reflect on the current practice and  performance of themselves and  their team and  to assist them in implementing a plan  for further sustained improvement based on action research.

Programme Outcome: By the end of this programme delegates will have formed a clear and  realistic picture of their current effectiveness and  will know exactly how they are going to lead  their team or project to deliver more effectively in the future.

Session 1: Personal self-evaluation – reflecting on your current effectiveness as a leader? - Tuesday 15th November 2016

  • What does your job entail?
  • What areas of your role are you performing well in?
  • What areas are holding you back?
  • How can you deliver more effectively

Session 2: Evaluating your team/ project - Tuesday 7th February 2017

  • What roles do different members of the team execute?
  • What areas of the team/ project are delivering effectively?
  • What areas are holding the team/project back?
  • How can the team/ project deliver more effectively?

Session 3: Improving performance: how to use your management time to lead further developments - Tuesday 23rd May 2017

  • Identifying the issues (prepared in advance)
  • Developing a culture of shared  good practice
  • Action planning for improvement
  • How action research can drive improvement (preparation for Session 4)

Session 4: The way forward: presenting your research proposal - Tuesday 11th July 2017

  • Delegates present  the outcomes of their action research
  • Action Plans articulated