Leadership Development Programme – Aspiring Senior Leaders


All sessions: 2.00pm to 5.00pm  in Room SA210 (St Andrew’s House, Norwich)

Programme Objective: This programme is aimed at teachers who are experienced middle leaders  are considering moving into a position of senior leadership within a school. It aims to enable these leaders  to understand the step-change that is involved in moving into whole-school leadership. It aims to provide delegates with practical advice on the process  of becoming a senior leader.

Programme Outcome: By the end of this programme delegates will have  understood the changes in attitude and approach that are required of a middle leader moving into senior leadership. They will be prepared for applying for such a post and will have  prepared a ‘Leadership Entry Profile’ in preparation for this.

Session 1: Deconstructing a Senior Leadership Team - Wednesday 30th November 2016

  • What are you aspiring to? The role of the senior leader
  • Understanding how an SLT functions – different and  common roles and  responsibilities
  • Understanding the blend of skills required on an SLT
  • Managing the shift from a specific to a whole-school focus

Session 2: Why should you be a senior leader? - Tuesday 24th January 2017

  • The knowledge, qualities and  skills are required in the role
  • Self-evaluation: your current knowledge, qualities and  skills
  • Action planning: what  do you need  to do to ‘tick all the boxes’?
  • Taking on whole-school responsibilities, pre- promotion

Session 3: Applying for senior leadership - Tuesday 2nd May 2017

  • Ensuring you are ready
  • Preparing an application – personal statements etc.
  • Preparing a Leadership Entry Profile
  • Preparing for interview

Session 4: Mock Interviews - Tuesday 27th June 2017

  • Mock interviews (conducted by exiting senior leaders)
  • Responding to feedback following your interview
  • Post- interview  action
  • Enlisting support from mentors within your school