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CCN - Conversational French for Beginners

Please advise if you have any special requirements, for example, if you or your guests are wheelchair users, require disabled parking, have visual or hearing impairments, or have any special dietary needs.

A practical course for beginners with a focus on speaking and listening. Learn and understand the key phrases and vocabulary you’ll need if going to France, while gaining an insight into French culture.

The course follows a six week programme lessons during which you will learn phrases to be used in a variety of situations helping your french vocabulary grow. The lessons shall look to follow:

Week 1: Introducing yourself, greetings, meeting people, introducing family

Week 2: Directions, asking directions, utilities, shops, arranging where and when to meet

Week 3: Ordering food/drinks, prices, numbers

Week 4: Hobbies and music, shopping

Week 5: Holidays, geography of France, names of countries, practical phrases for travelling in France

Week 6: Christmas in France – a typical French Christmas, revision of topics

Course duration : 6 weeks - (11/09/16-16/10/19)
Course day : Wednesday

For your first session please bring with you a notepad to use as your vocabulary book), pen and paper.