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CCN - Conversational French for Beginners Continued

Please advise if you have any special requirements, for example, if you or your guests are wheelchair users, require disabled parking, have visual or hearing impairments, or have any special dietary needs.

Develop your conversational skills to speak and understand French in everyday contexts. Explore a wide range of topics related to practical situations, such as presenting yourself, travelling and making arrangements, while gaining an insight into the French Culture. This course is aimed at those who have some basic knowledge of French.

Week 1: Recap on content so far: revision of premiers contacts (presenting yourself and your family, describing local facilities, grammar revision of present tense)
Week 2: En vacances: talking about the weather, months of the year, seasons
Week 3: Renseignements; withdrawing money at the bank, requesting information on services, simple emails
Week 4: A table; Recap: ordering in cafes, apologising and complaining, asking questions
Week 5: Voyages: Asking for travel information, buying tickets, comparing journeys
Week 6: A l'hotel: making forward arrangements, telephoning, booking into a hotel, finding the best hotel deal

After completing this course you should be able to confidently speak and understand basic French in everyday contexts and on holiday.

Course duration : 6 weeks (07/05/19 - 18/06/19) excluding Tues 28/05/19 half-term)
Course day : Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.30pm