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Conversational French for Beginners


Have you always wanted to hone and develop your French speaking and writing skills? Enrol on a Conversational French course, to improve your French vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and explore French Culture.
The course follows a six week programme lessons during which you will learn phrases to be used in a variety of situations helping your French vocabulary grow. The lessons shall look to follow:

Week 1: Introducing yourself, greetings, meeting people, introducing family
Week 2: Directions, asking directions, utilities, shops, arranging where and when to meet
Week 3: Ordering food/drinks, prices, numbers
Week 4: Hobbies and music, shopping
Week 5: Holidays, geography of France, names of countries, practical phrases for travelling in France
Week 6: Christmas in France – a typical French Christmas, revision of topics

Course details are as follows:
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Duration: 6 weeks - (22/01/19 - 05/03/19)
Location: City College Norwich

For your first session please bring with you a notepad to use as your vocabulary book), pen and paper.