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CCN : Beginners Sewing - Introduction to Cushion Making


If you want to learn to sew or find out about making your own unique cushions, then this is the course for you. This is a beginner's course where you will learn and apply a range of sewing techniques, progressing skills whilst making a selection of shaped cushions and trying out decorative finishes.

You will make:

- A square scatter cushion with envelop back

- A rectangular cushion which you will explore application of fabric decorations to the surface of the cushions and applying lace or ribbon to the front before finishing with tie or button back

- A circular cushion which you will pleat/gather to fan out from centre with a self-covered button

- A square cushion with tucks and button

During the course you will learn to:

- Calculate fabric required to make a simple cushion

- How to cut and prepare fabric for sewing/finishing edges

- How to sew by hand or sewing machine

- How to sew cushion tops and back together

- How to insert zips

- How to apply simple decorations

The course is over 2 sessions on Tuesdays 20th & 27th August 2-5pm You will need to buy your own fabric and cushion pads, a list will be sent of the materials you will need to bring.