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Beginners Sewing - Clothing Alterations/Customisation


If you would like to learn how to alter clothes to fit, then this course will give you the confidence to tackle basic alterations to clothing like shortening and lengthening, sewing buttons and closures, patching tears and holes.The course will also include recycling and customisation of clothes. The course is aimed at complete beginners who would like to start a journey into altering and repairing clothing.The aim of the course is to give you the confidence to start to tackle simple alterations/repairs for woven and stretch fabrics. On the course you will make samples of techniques used to alter, repair and up cycle clothing.

You will explore how to master the following techniques:

- How to shorten hems or repair hems that have come down

- How to replace elastic in waist - How to sew on buttons and closures

- Application of bindings to neck and armholes

- How to patch holes and tears

- How to repair or replace zips

- How to turn up and work with jeans fabrics

- Ho to customise clothes to individual taste, including simple decorative finishes

- applique, lace, ribbons, embroidery and beads

You will need to buy or use your own garments for alterations. Materials will be provided for making samples of techniques.

For your first session you will need to please bring a Notepad and pencil, basic sewing kit and ring binder with clear pocket inserts. (Sewing Machines will be provided by the college)

Course details Duration: 30/10/19 - 11/12/19 Day: Wednesday Time: 6-9pm