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Arts & Crafts: Crochet for Intermediate


This course is aimed at those that have attended the beginners crochet course or those that have basic crochet skills. This course will give you an opportunity to expand your basic stitch knowledge to apply into more complex shapes and stitches.

You will learn about different hooks, threads, wool to be used for crochet, reading following more complex patterns and charts. 

You explore impact of tension and use of a range of threads/ wools. 
Blocking out to ensure finished work is stretched out to correct size. 

During the course you build a sample book of techniques and examples of work.

You will recap basic stitches, chain, double crochet, treble, double treble and increase and decreasing. 

New stitches 
• Triple treble stitches 
• Bobble stitches
• Shell stitches
• Picot Stitches and edging 
• Filet crochet
• 3-dimensional Heart and Flower squares

Once stitches mastered you will learn how to apply these into shaped blocks and how these can be used in patterns.

Examples of what could be made in the class
• Teddy bear, bag, cushion, shawl, slippers or top. 
• Seasonal decorations, like stars, angels, tree decorations or present labels. 
Items to be made will be agreed with students in Session one of the course.

Course details are as follows:
Date: 12th September 2018
Time: 18:00-21:00
Duration: 6 weeks
Location: Paston College