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From getting creative with crochet and sewing, to improving your self-sufficiency with DIY and Photoshop you can learn and expand on a variety of skills from industry professional teaching staff with our part-time leisure courses for adults.

CCN - Conversational German

Price: £80.00

CCN - DIY Plumbing

Price: £135.00

CCN - Creative Writing

Price: £95.00

CCN - Great British Bake-off

Price: £230.00

CCN - Gastro Master Chef

Price: £230.00

CCN : Discover Writing for Children

Price: £75.00

CCN - Home Electrical Maintenance

Price: £160.00

CCN - Junior Chef Summer Academy

Price: £185.00

CCN - A Touch of Patisserie and Confectionery

Price: £115.00

North Norfolk Skills & Careers Festival

Price: £0.00

Maths lecturers’ London Marathon challenge

Price: £0.00

SEN EVENT - sharing outstanding practices

Price: £50.00

Marketing Essentials

Price: £55.00

Computer for Beginners

Price: £80.00

Photography Dark Room - Advanced

Price: £135.00

Photography Dark Room - Intermediate

Price: £135.00

Photography Dark Room - Beginners

Price: £135.00

CCN Coastal Walk

Price: £0.00

Leadership Development Programme – Aspiring Senior Leaders

Price: £200.00

Leadership Development Programme – Developing Leaders

Price: £200.00

Leadership Development Programme – Emerging Leaders

Price: £200.00

CCN PMLD Tough Mudder donations

Price: £0.00

NTTC Hoodies

Price: £18.00

Gym Membership

Price: £35.00

Embedding Maths in the Curriculum - Tony Hull & Robert Brewster

Price: £295.00


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